Process the data from your Booster applications.

Booster Platform allows you to exploit and process the data from your applications built with Booster Framework. By connecting an application with Booster Platform, we provide users with a dashboard that helps them process data from their applications.

Run once and you are ready to visualize, monitor, analyze and process the data of your applications.
Why Booster platform?
Interacting with your system

Booster Platform provides you with a smooth UI that allows you to visualize all the data stored in your application. Thanks to the way the business information is stored in Booster applications, you will be able to monitor the status of your system at any time.

Booster Platform provides users with a time machine. You can check the previous states of any entity and go back and forth to see how data has evolved over time in your system. Feel free to reprocess your data any time you want to generate new visualizations of the data and reports. These objects will be updated in real-time with new events.

Last but not least, Booster Platform will also include a live interaction feature where users can add new functionality to their business in terms of event handlers, commands, and/or entities, with no deployment needed.
Monitoring and troubleshooting

Keep track of your business and see the whole evolution of your system anytime and anywhere.Booster Platform comes with traceability out of the box. That means that when an operation fails, you can see the details of the operation, the error produced, and the stack trace. 

Fix a bug and replay the events from the moment the error began to fix the whole system state as if the error had never happened.
Data processing

Data is the most valuable asset in the world. Thanks to the way Booster applications are designed, every bit of data is stored as a business event so it can easily be processed

With Booster Platform, it would be really easy to store custom analytics events, such as users’ choices in the application, users’ metadata, or anything that you want to analyze from a business perspective. 

As well as being summarized and displayed, this data can be fed back to the events stream and processed in event handlers so the application can make decisions based on how the application is being used, or the context in real-time.
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